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Document signing at a startup

How to choose the best setup for document signing

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Document signing has become an area where you seem to pay hundreds of pounds each year to use the simplest piece of software in the world. However, I guess this shows the importance of building a strong, recognisable brand. People don't say let's digitally sign a document; they say: "Let's put this on Docusign".

For your startup, you should use two different signing platforms. We use HelloSign for sensitive documents like employment contracts and DocuSign (for company-wide signing, such as customer contracts).


Use two different signing platforms to avoid exposing sensitive documents

Document signing is a sensitive area because, in a start-up, it is easy to accidentally share Personally Identifiable Information (PII) by having shared accounts. A simple solution that we found was having a communal company Docusign account for company contracts (customers, investors), but doing sensitive contracts (employment contracts & perhaps investors) through a personal Hellosign account tied only to my personal email address.

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