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How to register a company?

Registering a Company

Forming a company in the UK is super easy. As of 2024, it costs £50 to register a company and can be done fully online. 

Step 1: Decide who the directors are, how many shares you each initial shareholder will own and the company name. 

Step 2: When choosing the number of shares and the nominal value, I usually choose a total of £10 as the 'paid-in capital' with a nominal value of 0.00001.
This means that you can have 1 million shares to divide among all initial shareholders. To ensure the shares are ‘fully paid up,’ someone owning 10% of the company should transfer the company £1. 

Step 3: Usually, selecting the default articles of association from Companies House is sufficient to get things going. You will likely want to change these later on, but as a starting point to begin things like getting bank accounts, these should be enough. 


You can register the company yourself here:

Activate WebFiling for your Company

You should get an email from Companies House asking you to finish setting up your account & and to activate WebFiling.

Make sure to do this, so you can properly file updates to your Directors, Share Capital and to do your annual confirmation statement.

You will also receive a letter with your Company authentication code for online filing. This is a 6-digit alphanumeric code. Store this letter as you will need the code to give your accountant access to your company's WebFiling.

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